Alta Equipment Company

Case Study


VerificationManager Rescues Alta Equipment Company from the Headache of Employment Verification

Alta Equipment Company is an industry-leading industrial and construction equipment company that sells, rents, and services a broad range of equipment. Founded in 1984 with a single location in Detroit, Michigan, Alta Equipment Company has grown to 22 locations throughout Michigan, Illinois, and Indiana.

The company employs more than 800 people including sales staff, warehouse logistics specialists, service technicians, and administrative support staff. And, the number of employees is growing rapidly.

I definitely recommend VerificationManager. First and foremost, it’s free. Second, the implementation is seamless and extremely fast. And third, we have had zero issues since we started using the service."

The Challenge

In line with the traditional approach to employment verification, the HR department at Alta Equipment Company received requests by phone, email, postal mail, and even by fax. Sometimes, the request was sent to the wrong location within the company and had to be forwarded to the HR department.

As each verification request came in, the company's HR staff would respond to it when they had time available. Consequently, the request might sit on a desk for a while before being processed. That’s because the request was not a top priority task.

"We tend to get verification requests in spurts. But, on average, we receive about 20 per month," says Payroll and Benefits Manager, Julie Alexander. "It generally took 15 minutes to process a request. More if I had to dig for information. That's 15 minutes or more that I could have spent doing something else that had a higher priority."

The Solution

Alta Equipment Company's HR department needed an easier and less time- consuming way to handle employment verification requests. After talking with a few vendors, they chose VerificationManager. "The fact that the service was free made it an easy sell to upper management," shares Julie.

HostedHR's patent-pending VerificationManager relieved the time burden on Alta Equipment Company's HR staff caused by verification requests. Because it seamlessly integrated with their payroll system, it empowered employees to grant secure access to their employment information and income history. And, it is the only system of its kind that doesn't require an employee to disclose their social security number.

The entire process is hassle-free. Now, when a written or verbal request is made to the HR department by a verifier, the staff member handling the request simply refers the verifier to

Once the verifier makes a request, the system automatically notifies the employee and the employee can grant or deny the request. VerificationManager puts Alta Equipment Company's employees in control of their personal information so that the verifier can get the information they need, and get it quickly.

The Results

Julie is highly satisfied with the results she and her HR team have experienced thanks to their decision to use VerificationManager. She highlights the following results:

Eliminates Verification Workload

Now that the verifier and the employee are in control of the verification process, the HR staff is virtually out of the loop. This means that the verification turnaround is faster, and staff are free to handle more important tasks. "Thankfully, the headache of processing employment verifications is gone," says Julie.

Seamless Implementation

Implementation of VerificationManager was a quick and easy process. "The implementation was seamless and took a shorter amount of time than I expected," explains Julie. "The HostedHR team worked efficiently when they integrated their system with ours. And, they gave us a self-explanatory document containing information about the service which we shared with our employees. So, no training was necessary."

Excellent Customer Service

Many times, the customer's experience at various touchpoints can make or break the results they ultimately achieve. That's why HostedHR is dedicated to providing the highest possible level of service. "Honestly, it's HostedHR's customer service that we are most happy about," shares Julie. "Their team takes care of everything. They are phenomenal."

When asked what she would say to an organization that was considering using VerificationManager, she replied "I would recommend VerificationManager. First and foremost, it’s free. Second, the implementation is seamless and extremely fast. And third, we have had zero issues since we started using the service."

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