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VerificationManager Takes the Employment Verification Burden off Seldin Company's Shoulders

Seldin Company is a leading property management firm with deep roots in seven states throughout the Central United States. Headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska, Seldin Company was founded in 1923 and engages in the management and expansion of multifamily apartment communities. With decades of expertise in managing affordable and conventional communities, Seldin Company is proud to be an employer of choice and manager of properties that are the best places for residents to call home.

I would definitely recommend VerificationManager. It's been really nice to have the employee verification burden lifted from our shoulders."

The Challenge

Being responsible for 500 employees, the HR department at Seldin Company was challenged by the number of verification requests they received as well as the pressure to respond to those requests within 24 to 48 hours. "We typically receive as many as 15 requests each week. And, I estimate that we spent a couple of hours a week just reading through, completing, and sending back all the ongoing communications as well as responding to questions verifiers call back with," explains Tiffany Peacock, Compensation and Benefits Manager.

As expected, verifiers made their requests by phone, email, and postal mail. However, there were additional problems when verifiers sent in their requests by fax. Sometimes, the HR department didn't receive the fax. This prompted the verifier to call and ask why their request hadn't received a reply. Similarly, often when Tiffany tried to send the verification back to the verifier by fax, the fax simply wouldn't go through. That caused the verifier to call the HR department multiple times to resolve the problem.

"With the staffing we have, it was hard to find the time to deal with verification requests and related issues," says Tiffany. "Each request interrupted our day. We had to stop what we were doing to respond to the requests or handle any problems with the transmission." These interruptions took time away from working on core HR functions.

The Solution

Tiffany's search for an employment verification vendor led her to have discussions with other HR professionals about their experiences. Based on the problems she had with other vendors in the past, she was looking for a reliable solution that was easy to use and had excellent customer service. Ultimately, Tiffany chose VerificationManager. "It was also nice that the service was free to us," shares Tiffany.

VerificationManager is HostedHR's patent-pending employment verification solution. Designed from the ground up to relieve the pressure HR departments are under to respond to verification requests, VerificationManager empowers Seldin Company's employees to grant secure access to their employment information and income history. And, they can do so without having to disclose their social security number. VerificationManager is the only system of its kind with this security feature.

Because VerificationManager easily integrates with Seldin Company's HRMS system, the entire verification process is both seamless and effortless. When a written or verbal request is made to the HR department by a verifier, the staff member handling the request simply refers the verifier to

Once the verifier makes a request, the system automatically notifies the employee and allows the employee to grant or deny the request. VerificationManager puts the employee in control of their personal information so that the verifier can quickly get the information they need.

The Results

Tiffany's decision to implement VerificationManager has delivered the results she was looking for. She now has an easy-to-use, zero-cost employment verification solution that gives the HR department relief from the verification burden.

Seamless Integration with UltiPro HRMS

Integrating systems can sometimes be a huge headache. That's not the case with VerificationManager. "Integration with our UltiPro HRMS was simple and fast. We programmed UltiPro with the specs the HostedHR team sent over to us. Now, UltiPro runs a report each week that feeds employee information directly to VerificationManager," explains Tiffany. "This gives verifiers all of the information they need."

Eliminates Verification Workload

By using VerificationManager, Seldin Company's HR department is virtually out of the verification loop. There are no more postal mail, emails, or faxes to hassle with. "Now that we have VerificationManager, there's almost nothing on my end for me to do anymore," says Tiffany.

Satisfied Employees

Because employees are in control of the verification process, and they don't have to disclose their social security number to verifiers, they tend to be happy with the service. "I haven't gotten any negative feedback from employees," shares Tiffany. "To me, that means things are going smoothly."

When asked would she recommend VerificationManager to other organizations, Tiffany replied "I would definitely recommend VerificationManager. It's been really nice to have the employee verification burden lifted from our shoulders. It’s such an easy process. And, new users have nothing to lose because there is no contract to sign and no fees to pay."

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