General Help

What is VerificationManager?

VerificationManager is the easiest and most secure system for the verifications of employment information. Property managers, social services, lenders, and others are able to request employment information directly from employees, bypassing delays that often occur when requesting information from an organization's overworked human resources department. Employees are then able securely release their information to verifiers.

What type of employment information does VerificationManager release to verifiers?

A verifier is able to request an employee's title, dates of employment, and income. All requests that include income information must be authorized for release directly by the employee. Additionally, some organizations choose to require employee approval for access to any employment information.

Is VerificationManager secure?

Absolutely! We use bank-grade TLS encryption coupled with a certified SSAE 16/ISAE 3402 type-II compliant data center. Also, in contrast to most employment verification systems, VerificationManager does not require the use of social security numbers at any point in the process, providing an extra layer of security to the employee. Social security numbers are not transferred to VerificationManager nor are they requested from verifiers or employees. Further, employees must approve the release of any income-related information after reviewing who is requesting the data and for what purpose.

Employee Help

How do I provide proof of my employment or income to someone?

If your employer or ex-employer uses VerificationManager, simply refer the verifier to where they can create an account and request your employment information.

After I type in my name and birthday, your system is telling me that my account cannot be found. What is the problem?

Your name and birthdate has to match exactly to what the employer has provided us. If your last name has changed due to a marriage or divorce, please use the name that the employer last had for you.

VerificationManager is asking me to answer personal questions about myself to create an account. What is this?

We have partnered with Veratad Technologies, the nation's leading identity verification firm. Their knowledge-based authentication technology gives VerificationManager the ability to ask certain questions to prove that employees are who they say they are. All this is done in a fraction of a second and without the need for social security numbers which allows VerificationManager to be the most secure employment verification provider.

I just received notification that there is a request pending my approval. What do I do next?

Register for an account here, then follow the on-screen instructions.

I received a notification that there is a request pending my review. There are no verifiers that should be verifying my employment information at the moment. What should I do?

If you have already registered with VerificationManager, you can login to your account to see exactly who and for what purpose your information is being requested. If you still do not recognize the verifier, click Deny on the request. Then, please email us if you suspect someone is fraudulently trying to gain access to your information.

I logged in to my account and reviewed a pending verification request. I don't know who the verifier is and do not want to authorize the release of my data. What do I do?

If you do not recognize the verifier, click Deny on the request. If you are unsure of the name or company, but were expecting a verification request for employment purposes, mortgage verification, etc, you can enter a reason for denial which is sent to the verifier. Use this field to let the verifier know you do not recognize who they are, but if they are requesting your information for a valid reason, ask them to explain who they are in more detail in the 'Message to Employee/Approver' section of the submit verification process. Email us if you suspect someone is fraudulently trying to gain access to your information.

Email Us or call (888) 571-2064

Verifier Help

I need to verify employment information - where do I begin?

In order to submit verification of income and/or employment requests, you must first create a verifier account. Your account will be reviewed for accuracy and authenticity prior to activation. This process usually takes only a few hours but may be up to one business day.

Why do I have to create an account?

All verifier accounts must be reviewed for authenticity to prevent unauthorized access to employee data. Please use your company email address during the registration process in order to prevent unnecessary delays in account approval. Personal email accounts (gmail, yahoo, hotmail, etc) are only approved in unique circumstances and you will be required to provide additional documentation for its use.

How long after I register will I have to wait to request a verification?

The process usually takes only a few hours, but may be up to one business day. In the event that our team has a question about your account validity, you may receive a phone call prior to account activation at the number you provide during the registration process. When your account is approved, you will immediately receive an email notification to activate your account.

I work for a social services agency; how to do I request a verification?

Social services agencies are exempt from verification fees, but you will still need to create a verifier account here to submit verification requests.

How long does it typically take to perform a verification from start to finish?

The process to request employee information only takes about a minute. However, the time it takes for the information to be released to you can take a bit longer. Sometimes non-income related employment information is immediately auto-released to the verifier, but depends upon company setup. Other times, non-income and income related employment information has to be released by the employee which can take some time. In this case, the quickest way to make sure a verification request is approved as soon as possible is to contact the employee once you have submitted your request. Once they login to VerificationManager, they will instantly be able to release their data to you. You can cancel your request at any time for any reason and receive an immediate full refund. Additionally, if the employee does not approve or deny your request within 14 days, you will receive a full refund.

I requested a verification, now what?

Depending on the request type, you will either receive your information immediately upon submitting the request, or you will receive an email confirmation as soon as your request is approved by the employee. Once approved, your data will be available under the 'History' section of your account.

It has been several days and the employee has not released the requested data. How can I move things along?

Contact the employee to let them know you are waiting on their request; direct them to to create an employee account. First-time users of the site may not be aware that they need to approve, even though VerificationManager attempts to contact them with the email and/or phone provided by the employer.

Am I allowed to ask the employee to login to VerificationManager to approve my request?

Yes - we encourage that you do so in order to ensure a speedy approval. VerificationManager attempts to contact employees to notify them that they have a request pending their approval, using contact information provided by the employer. However, this contact information is not always current if the employee is no longer employed.

The employee's data doesn't seem correct or I have questions about it, where do I go for clarification?

Email us and we will research the issue and get back to you.

How and when will I be notified once an employee has approved my request?

You will receive an email once your request has been approved. You can view the requested information from the 'History' section of your account.

I don't have a company credit card, how do I arrange for my company to be invoiced?

Click here to fill out an application to be approved for invoicing. Once we receive the application it can take up to one business day for approval. We will notify you of your approval and next steps at the email address you provide when you apply. Once approved, you will be sent a net-30 invoice on the 1st day of the month following any month in which you submitted at least one verification request, for all verification requests submitted during that month. If payment is not received within 30 days your verifier account will be suspended and all pending verification requests will be canceled.

I can't find the company the employee works for on your list.

You are able to search for a company using its full name or common abbreviation. If you still cannot find the company, send us an email.

When I enter in the organization, employee's last name, and birthdate, I get an error that says your system can't find the record. What am I doing wrong?

The employee's name must match the exact spelling we receive from the employer's records. In many cases, this is due to a name change associated with a life event such as marriage or divorce. Please search for the name of the employee at the time of their most recent employment.

Email Us or call (888) 571-2064